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How Do Live Casino Race Work?

TMTPLAY Casino Races is here to add a thrilling touch to your gaming. Plus, you get the chance to win exciting rewards without having to pay anything for participating. Get ready for a captivating experience with every game.

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How Do Casino Race Work?

You can join the Casino Races at any time through the Races lobby or an in-game widget. The registration process is free and does not require a buy-in or entry fee. Once you complete the registration process, you can start playing and winning in any of the eligible games to collect Leader Board points. It’s important to note that if there are Casino Races which span across multiple games, you will only be able to play one game at a time, however, you’ll be able to switch between different eligible games whenever you’d like.

Even players who bet just a few cents per spin can still win big in Casino Races, so long as they meet the minimum bet requirement. This is because your points are based on multipliers of your highest win over the course of the round. So, you don’t need to be a high roller to come out on top. When the Casino Race comes to a conclusion, those at the top of the Leader Board are rewarded instantly with a timely prize.

After you’ve completed your registration, start playing the eligible games & amass Leader Board points. Each time you win a bet with a net of $0.01, it’ll give you 10 points. All Live Casino games are qualified for earning these points. Keep in mind that points are always tabulated according to the currency in the prize pool. The conversion of any net gains is based on the most recent exchange rate and should be rounded off to the nearest whole number.

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How Are The Points Calculated?

In the points system, you accumulate multipliers over the race or rounds of spins/hands. The points for each spin/hand are calculated as multipliers – dividing the win amount by the amount wagered and multiplying it by 100. The final ranking on the Leader Board is determined by the highest of cumulative round scores. Once a gambler plays 100 spins in Slots Races, their race will end and they can no longer participate in the event. It is important to remember that this is the maximum limit set for each race.

Each race is different, so the rules, minimum stake, max spins, paid leader board places and prizes may vary from one to another. To view the particular rules applicable to your race, please check your in-game widget. It is important to remember that points are only awarded for an individual game round and should not be used as a measurement of your total expenditure.

If you register, all you have to do is place successful bets in the eligible events and you’ll be given Leader Board points. It’s worth noting that in Casino Races which permit gambling across various games, it is only possible to partake in one game at a time; however, it’s possible to move between applicable games at any moment. Casino Races don’t necessarily require heavy betting; anyone who meets the minimum bet factor can become a winner. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re wagering a few cents or the maximum amount; your best round will decide your points, not how much you bet per spin.

As soon as the Casino Race concludes, the players occupying the highest positions on the Leader Board get their prizes promptly. After you’ve successfully signed up, start placing bets in any of the eligible games and receive Leader Board points. For every net $0.01 won, 10 points will be credited to your account. All Live Casino titles are included in the promotion too!

It is essential to remember that points are calculated in the prize pool currency. Any net gains are converted and rounded to the nearest integer using the most recent exchange rate.



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